More delays have been announced for the next-gen consoles. Sony has delayed its launch title Driveclub. Sony’s launch lineup is already pretty slim when it comes to console exclusives, so this doesn’t help. But customers who pre-ordered a PS4 Watchdog / Driveclub bundle are having bigger troubles from retailer Target. Target has been canceling pre-orders and telling customers that they can try to pre-order again next week on a first come first serve basis.

Things aren’t looking much better for Microsoft. Xbox One headsets will require an adaptor to work with current gen headsets. But not only that, the adaptor is also required for new headsets. And it turns out that the adaptor won’t be available until 2014. It has been mentioned that you can still use the digital optical on the console to hear game audio, but you won’t be able to chat.

It is clear that both of these consoles are still under construction as we approach the release date.

Xbox One Headset Adaptor required:

Drive Club Delayed:

Target canceling PS4 Pre-orders:


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