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Big Game Skipping Xbox One ★ Microsoft to Blame

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Dev says Microsoft is keeping a f2p cross platform game off the Xbox One. The Xbox One is technically capable of supporting cross-platform play, but Microsoft is not currently allowing it, according to War Thunder de...

Anti-Video Game Senator Leland Yee Arrested for Gun Trafficking

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A California state senator who advocated gun control legislation asked for campaign donations in exchange for introducing an undercover FBI agent to an arms trafficker and told him how to get shoulder-fired automatic ...

PS4 Game Studios Hit by Sony Layoffs

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Multiple studios have been hit by a new wave of layoffs by Sony.   Sony representative said "regular reviews take place throughout SCE Worldwide Studios, ensuring that the resources that we have in such a com...

Sony’s PS4 Cable Box

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Sony is making big investments into bringing exclusive content to the PS4. So why are they doing it?  I'll explain in this video. Sony has some pretty big ambitions for the PlayStation 4 that go well beyond gaming....

Xbox One New Update Coming in April

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Microsoft is getting ready to roll out a new update to Xbox One owners in April. Game and app saves and updates. A game save progress bar will show you the status of your game saves. You will also be able to easil...

Gaming is Facing a Paradigm Shift

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The biggest gaming news no one is talking about.  How GDC Revelations could change the future of gaming. Game developer and publisher Crytek today announced the launch of its "Engine-as-a-Service" (EaaS) program, mak...

PS4 Getting New Features – Twitch Upgrade

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PS4 Getting new features, as well as upgrades to other features like Twitch. Here at PlayStation, we listen closely to your comments and requests, which are weighted heavily when looking at the future of our platform...

Gamestop has a New Problem – Walmart

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Walmart is entering the Used game trade business. Gamestop to feel the pressure? Wal-Mart takes aim at $2B used video game market: Yahoo News

PS4 Virtual Reality Headset Revealed Project Morpheus – 1080P

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Sony revealed the PS4 Virtual Reality headset codenamed Project Morpheus. Pics & Tech Specs In this video. GDC 2014. ► VGN Video Game News: Virtual Reality Is The Next Innovati...

Metal Gear Solid 5 $30 Demo – A Road I Don’t Want to Travel

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Reviews are hitting for Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.  Many are saying that the game is extremely short, and is basically a demo. Should we pay for demos now?

Why I Don’t Have a PS4

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By the time 2015 arrives, I'm fairly confident that i'll be joining the Playstation Nation and gaming on a PS4.  I'm currently on the fence and ready to jump over.  But i'm waiting on Sony to do a couple of things fir...

Sony Calls for Price Hike on Infamous & MLB The Show in Canada

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Sony is raising the price of the PS4 / Accessories / Games as a response to new market conditions in Canada. Canadian video game fans who have been trying in vain to get their mitts on the perpetually sold-out PlaySt...

Sony Takes Shot at Xbox Policies

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Sony has taken a shot at one of Microsoft's controversial ID@Xbox Programs for Xbox. What to expect from PS4 & Xbox One at GDC 2014. Sony Takes Another Shot At Xbox Policies: Kotaku Sony’s VR tech will be re...

Titanfall Multiplayer Issues Update

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As Titanfall was launching, there were a few hiccups along the way.  Here's my experience with multiplayer issues and the current state.

Does Xbox One have Secret Sauce in it? DirectX 12 a Game Changer?

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Microsoft has announced that for the first time in five years, a new DirectX 12 is about to be unveiled at GDC on March 20th 2014.  It has been suggested that the Xbox One would not work with DirectX12 because it woul...

Major Shakeups at Sony

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Major shakeups are happening at Sony as we near the end of the financial year.  Is it connected? Sony layoffs hit PS4: Jack Tretton leaving PlayStation: GamesIndustr...

How to Update Xbox One Controller

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A new update is out for the Xbox One. One of the features is a new patch for the Xbox One Controller. In this vid, i'll give you a walkthrough of the setup.  The latest patch will make your controller compatible with ...

Did Sony Mislead Gamers on Killzone Shadowfall 1080P Claims?

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Eurogamer claims Killzone Shadowfall on the PS4 is not true native 1080P on multiplayer.  This goes against what Sony and the developers have led people to believe.  Does it matter? Source: Eurogamer

Xbox Kinect in Leaked Spy Documents

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Microsoft is concerned about reports that the NSA & GCHQ were involved in a program called Optic Nerve where they evaluated Xbox Kinect Optic Nerve: millions of Yahoo webcam images intercepted by GCHQ: The Guar...