With Windows 10 you can stream any Xbox One game to your PC or Tablet: Forbes
Alienware Alpha: Alienware
Modders find Xbox code inside Valve’s Source Engine 2: WCCFTech
Microsoft is ‘really looking at’ streaming from PC to Xbox One: Polygon
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    Your assumptions are very well founded.
    Everything we are seeing is that the Xbox as a console is becomming MS’ proprietary PC environment in the guise of a console, more streamlined and more controlled. Since everything is now based on PC architecture and the OS is basically a Windows 10 with a different UI like Media Center was, this is also a good excuse for MS to release more powerful systems that can manage the same games at higher quality settings down the road. Everything compatible.
    As for Valve, I think they already know their Steambox idea is going nowhere because gaming on Linux is going nowhere.