Is Virtual Reality the future or just a fail waiting to happen?  Sony is ready to unveil the PS4 VR headset & glasses to rival Oculus Rift. What are the pros & cons to virtual reality games?

The Pros of VR:

  • Very Immersive. Feels you are actually inside the virtual world. Users report that they forget that they are not physically there and try to reach out and touch objects that are to scale. Can elicit real emotions.
  • Bigger Screen. Headshots easier
  • Can use with Glasses (Oculus yes – not sure about Sony yet)
  • Goes beyond gaming. Humans could use VR to control robots to go in dangerous areas /explore planets / 3D Virtual Films (See trailer link below)

The Cons of VR:

  • Motion sickness: Things will get better they claim, but currently many users report feeling nauseas just after a few min of playing and can last for several minutes after you take if ott.
  • Headaches
  • Neck Strain – very light, but several hours would be noticeable
  • Games need to be custom made for the virtual reality specifically or heavily altered. Won’t work as well with games not designed with VR in mind.
  • Many developers say fast paced games do not work well. Need slower games
  • Hard to play for long periods of time
  • High resolution 60fps – instant reaction

The Big Unknown

  • Cost???


A rumored PS4 virtual reality headset needs to be treated like a console, not a peripheral: Polygon

Zero Point 3D 360 degree movie created for virtual reality Oculus Rift: Trailer: Reelhouse


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