forcedcameraSony’s PR message has been loud and clear. ‘Gamers should have a choice.’  This has been a phrase that has been tossed around from several different PS4 representatives.  Just a few days ago, a Sony rep poured salt in the wound by saying in a Eurogamer interview that the Xbox One is anti-consumer for forcing a camera.


“To force bundle a camera is probably against consumer choice. It does not offer the gamer the choice, and therefore the most sensible thing to do as a gamer friendly brand is give them the choice. ” ~ Fergal Gera


But was the camera decision based truly around making sure that gamers had a choice?  Or was it simply a decision made because of financial reasons?


Is it possible that Sony and Microsoft had exactly the same game plan?  And has Sony REALLY abandoned that plan?  Or have they just decided to drag it out?




Will we ever know the exact story of how it all went down?   Maybe one day.  But we do know where we stand today.  And however Sony came about making the decision of what they have offered, there are few who can argue it wasn’t brilliant in the moment.  Sony is expected to outsell Xbox One this holiday season.  And considering that the USA is Microsoft’s stomping ground, that is a hell of an achievement right there.  But Sony has even said that this is a marathon.  And only gamers will decide who will win in the end.


Do you think Sony’s decision to not include the camera will be a good long term decision?



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