The resolution shot heard around the world was fired earlier this week when it was announced that Call of Duty Ghosts would be running at 1080P native, and the Xbox One will be upscaled from 720P to 1080p.  Sony fans in particular were pleased, and it didn’t take long before Sony was joining in on the celebration.
Shortly after it was confirmed that the Playstation 4 was running at a higher resolution, Sony Germany sent out a photo on twitter and facebook that has caused a bit of a controversy.  The picture as you can see below is simply a artwork image for CoD Ghosts that has been photoshopped to add the text “60 FPS / 1080P” and the hashtag “#4ThePlayers”.
ghosts thumb
After posting the image, Sony tried to backtrack and attempted to remove the image from both their facebook and twitter page.  Of course, we all know that once something is on the internet – it is there forever.  So even though the images are now pulled, there is plenty of tracks that lead back to where it originated.
But my question is, why delete it?  Sony should be proud of the fact that their machine is outperforming the competition when it comes to native resolution.  They simply posted an image that had accurate facts on the picture.  I don’t think the scandal was the image itself being posted, but rather the attempted removal and cover-up.


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