Now that the Battlefield 4 beta has been released to the open public, feedback is starting to roll in from the community. The vast majority of feedback that I have heard has been positive. Hit detection seems to be better than it ever has. The new elements like lean, and squad lines on the map are receiving a lot of praise. But of course, there are always going to be negative elements as well. Especially when you are talking about a beta.

One of the biggest complaints that I have heard so far about the beta, is dealing with the graphics on the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game. So I wanted to take a few moments to address these concerns.

Let us begin by reminding ourselves that this is a beta. It is not a demo of the final build of the game. You are playing an unfinished product. DICE has also said that this is an older build that we are playing of the game. Publishers must go through certification in order to submit content to the consoles. This can take up to a month in some places. So DICE had to submit this build of the game weeks ago.

The goal of the beta is to receive feedback on different elements inside the game. To test the servers – test the weapons etc. It is NOT to impress you with graphics.

The other thing to remember – is Battlefield 3 beta also looked bad! The final version of the game included an HD Texture pack. And it made a HUGE difference.

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One thing that I will concede. I think the Shanghai Beta map looks a lot better when the C Tower is still standing. Once levelution has been initiated and the tower falls and covers everything in dust, then the map does have a very bland look to it which looks bad. But if you have ever seen the footage of the 9/11 Twin Towers falling – you’ll know that it isn’t a very pretty sight. The area does turn to dust color – and it is very bland.

Either way – take the beta for what it is. A chance to try out Battlefield 4 before it releases. It is not a preview of the exact game you will be getting on release date. I can assure you, that graphics are the last thing you should be concerned about when it comes to DICE and Battlefield 4. Even though the PC & next gen consoles will look vastly superior – I don’t believe for a second that it will be a complete turd on Xbox 360 & PS3 graphically.
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