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#1 Reason to Buy a Game: GRAPHICS – Why Xbox Scorpio Power Matters

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✅ HOTTEST Games Right Now: ✔ VGN: Gaming News: ► Twitter:!/TwTheRedDragon 2017 Gamer Study:

#1 Reason to Choose Consoles Over PC Gaming in 2017

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Do people really not understand why consoles sell? ✅

#ADayWithoutWomen KindaFunny MELTDOWN

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#XboxReveal – What to Expect

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We are only a few hours away from Microsoft revealing the Next Generation Xbox. In this commentary, I run down the list of items that we can expect to see at the May 21st Xbox reveal, and a few things you can expect t...

$1 Billion Supercomputer Watson Can Learn & Understand Natural Language

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$1 Billion IBM Supercomputer could change the future of the world. IBM commits $1 Billion to Watson supercomputer division:  BBC New Supercomputer Watson: Huffington Post


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1080P Zealots Are Ruining Gaming

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1080P Zealots are holding gaming back. What's more important? Performance? Stable FPS? Innovation? or a Resolution number? Since the launch of the next-gen consoles, we've constantly heard about how important 108...

13Yr Old BUSTED IRL Battlefield Hardline

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A 13 Year old has been taken down for swatting. Source: Gamespot

1984 Xbox One | Kinect 2.0 Always Listening

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When Microsoft debuted the Xbox One, they gloated about how sensitive the new Kinect 2.0 is. The new Kinect will record 30fps in 1080HD, and has the ability to detect the slightest motion, including a turn of the wris...

2015 Will Be Crazy ★ Spencer Praises Xbox Servers ★ Game Delays

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In an interview with Major Nelson, Phil Spencer talks exclusive games, price cuts, and Xbox One servers. Major Nelson Podcast Phil Spencer: Fall 2015 Will Be “Crazy” for Xbox One; This Holiday Season a “Good Tim...

30fps vs 60fps Gaming Side by Side Comparison – Can YOU SEE a Difference?

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30fps vs 60fps Gaming Comparison. Can You see a difference? ✅ HOTTEST Games Right Now:

360/PS3 Holding Back PS4 & Xbox One?

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Is the last gen holding back the next gen games? Time for devs to stop supporting 360/PS3?

Activision Lost $1.5 Billion on Destiny? My Destiny Review

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Shares for Activision have dropped 9%, equating to $1.5 Billion since Destiny Review scores hit. Here's my Destiny Review. Is Activision Blizzard's $500 Million "Destiny" a $1.5 Billion Disappointment? Fool VGN: ...

After Dark: #Gamergate Blackout Conspiracy Exposed

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Several prominent gaming journalists across America are part of a secret mailing list on which they discuss what to cover, what to ignore, and what approach their coverage should take to breaking news High-profile ...

Amazon Buys Twitch for almost $1 Billion

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Amazon has purchased game-streaming site Twitch for almost $1 Billion. What happened to Google? VGN (Video Games and News) CONFIRMED: Amazon Purchases Twitch: GameInformer Dear Twitch Community, It’s alm...

Angry Parent Wants to Sue Microsoft Over $4,500 Xbox Bill

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Parent Threatens to Sue Microsoft over $4,500 Xbox Bill. Source: Winbeta

Anti-Video Game Senator Leland Yee Arrested for Gun Trafficking

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A California state senator who advocated gun control legislation asked for campaign donations in exchange for introducing an undercover FBI agent to an arms trafficker and told him how to get shoulder-fired automatic ...

Anyone Can Build, Publish, and Sell Games on Xbox One

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Microsoft has announced another big policy change for the Xbox One.  Indie games can now be self-published.  With the Xbox 360, developers had to sign with a publisher and jump through a lot of hoops in order to get t...

Are Gamers Anti-Social?

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A new study claims that gamers aren't the anti-social basement dwellers that people often stereotype them as.  But can this study really be trusted? Source: Gamers are not anti-social basement dwellers, study finds...

Are Video Games Bad for Your Eyes?

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Are Video Games Bad for your health and Eyes? I always heard this growing up, so I decided to see if there was any truth to this statement. As it turns out - Video games may actually IMPROVE your vision. QUESTION EVER...

Arrested Over GTA5

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They posed as cops so they could play as crooks, police say. A trio of over-eager video gamers-- one an auxiliary NYPD officer, another the son of a retired officer -- posed as cops to cut hundreds of people on a...

Assassin’s Creed Unity Gameplay Walkthrough: Part 1 Intro; Xbox One 1080P

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Exclusive Assassin's Creed Unity Gameplay walkthrough - Part 1. AC Unity release date Nov 11th 2014. Assassin's Creed Unity VGN

Assassin’s Creed Unity Gameplay: Fireworks CANCELLED!!

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Assassin's Creed Unity Gameplay Walkthrough - Watch Part 1: VGN: Video Games and News

Augmented Reality for your Xbox and Living Room -Microsoft IllumiRoom

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Microsoft Research showed off a Tech Demo of IllumiRoom. The device is still in research, but is expected to eventually launch in the next several years and add an extra layer of entertainment for the Next Gen Xbox 72...

AUKEY Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review + ⚠GIVEAWAY⚠

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✅ Aukey Mechanical Keyboard: ✔ VGN: Gaming News: ► Twitter:!/TwTheRedDragon Aukey Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review & Features. Setup...

BAD for Gamers? – New GameStop Scheme

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Gamestop has a new plan to get gamers to shop at their stores. They plan on taking the pre-order bonus content to a whole new level. (I focus on Pre-orders, but i'm sure they could also offer this content post launch...

Battlefield 1 is too Real – Can’t Stomach BF1 Response Rant

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Battlefield 1 in a WW1 setting is too real and takes gaming too far says major gaming publications. This is my response Battlefield 1: World War 1 May Be a Step Too Far: Shack News Why I don't have the stomach f...

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters DLC free to download during E3

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Battlefield 3 Close Quarters DLC Free on All Platforms during E3 SUBSCRIBE TO: xXLargeFarvaXx: • Youtube: • Twitter:

Battlefield 4 Almost Delayed on PS4 / Xbox – BF4 Using XboxOne Cloud?

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In a recent interview, Patrick Bach made a few admissions about developing Battlefield 4 for the next gen Xbox One and PS4 consoles. Q: The schedule for the launch of the next generation isn't quite as busy as you mi...

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