We are only a few hours away from Microsoft revealing the Next Generation Xbox. In this commentary, I run down the list of items that we can expect to see at the May 21st Xbox reveal, and a few things you can expect to NOT see during the show. Here are a few of the topics that are worth mentioning.

Xbox Name:  What will the next Xbox be called? Just Xbox? Xbox Infinity / Xbox Fusion / Xbox 720 – It will be nice to finally know for sure what we will need to ask for at the game store.

Kinect 2.0 – The voice / motion controlling peripheral has sold a ton of units, but failed to grab the attention of the hardcore gamers. The next xbox is expected to include a Kinect with every unit sold, and the next gen Kinect is said to have a lot better resolution and tracking capability.  Will Kinect 2.0 pick up the hardcore gaming crowd that 1.0 left behind?

TV & Entertainment Apps – It’s no secret that Microsoft isn’t just trying to sell you a ‘gaming machine’. They want the Xbox to be a major player in all of your entertainment needs – including TV, Music, Movies, Ordering Pizza and so forth. Expect Xbox to showcase the next gen dashboard and apps that will fulfil your entertainment needs.

Games: While we most certainly will see a few games during the #XboxReveal, don’t expect the reveal to focus on games. Microsoft has stated that the reveal is going to be a 2 part process. May 21st will be about the System and capabilities of the system, while E3 2013 will focus on the games for Xbox.

I end up covering a few more topics in the commentary, so I hope you enjoy it – and i’ll be back with a roundup of the information once the Next Gen Xbox is finally revealed! Be sure to subscribe to The Red Dragon for the latest

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