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CLUELESS: Glenn Beck Says Watchdogs Teaching Kids to Hack

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Glenn Beck is scared of Watchdogs - but for all the wrong reasons

Watchdogs Online Hacking ★ Tips

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Watchdogs online hacking gameplay with tips and tricks.

Nintendo Affiliate Program for Youtube Let’s Play Gameplay Videos – TERRIBLE

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Nintendo has unveiled a Youtube affiliate program for gameplay videos.  Here is why I think its a terrible plan.   Nintendo reveals YouTube affiliate program for Let's Players: Gamasutra

Battlefield Hardline ★ Cops vs Robbers Leaked

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Battlefield Hardline (Cops vs Robbers) to be unveiled at E3 2014? VGN Video Game News Police-themed Battlefield Hardline details leaked via Battlelog update: Eurogamer Dice confirms Visceral Skull emblem: Red...

Xbox One ★ Game Load Times Improved with External Hard Drive

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Xbox One June Update is out for beta testers, and many are reporting improved game load times using external hard drives. Xbox One External Hard Drive increases game load times: Neogaf Xbox One’s External Storag...

Best & Worst Game So Far on Next-Gen

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What is your most disappointing game so far on next-gen? What is your favorite game so far on next-gen?

Halo 5 SKIPPING Xbox 360 ★ Halo 1, 2, 3, 4 Master Chief Remastered Collection on Xbox One?

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Halo 5 Skipping Xbox 360 - Master Chief Remastered Collection rumored to be coming to Xbox One - Includes Halo 1, 2, 3, 4.   Halo 5: Guardians Arrives In Fall 2015: GameInformer Confirmed: Halo 5 won’t b...

PS4 vs Xbox One ★ Same Price but Xbox has Better Games – claims Microsoft

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Microsoft claims Xbox One has better games - explains why PS4 is outselling Xbox.  Why are they dropping Kinect? Microsoft still lags behind Sony as U.S. Xbox One sales slump by 50%: Gamasutra Xbox One boss talk...

No Kinect Xbox One Means ★ More Power ★ New UI ★ Xbox Live Refunds & More

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Xbox One going Kinect-Less is going to bring about some changes for Kinect owners.  Refunds, more power, new UI and more Microsoft claims. Xbox Live Refunds: CVG Xbox One UI Changes coming: Polygon Xbox One t...

PS4 2015 Projections – Sony Game Division Report

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Sony 2014 Game Division Report & 2015 Projections for PS4 / PS3 / Vita Source: GamesIndustry

Kinect-Less Xbox One Coming $399 ★ Paywall Demolished

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Microsoft has announced a Kinect-Less Xbox One coming in June for $399.  They've also announced Games with Gold and the end of the paywall. Xbox Wire


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Microsoft E3 2014:  Will Phil Spencer tear down the Xbox Paywall for apps? Source: arstechnica

PS4’s Driveclub DRM Causes Outrage – Sony Responds

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Sony responds to outrage from DRM policies in PS4's Driveclub Source: CVG

I Support Nintendo Saying No To Gay Marriage

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A commentary discussing the latest controversy surrounding Nintendo saying no to gay marriage in their upcoming game Tomodachi Life. Nintendo isn't allowing gamers to play as gay in an upcoming life simulator game. ...

PS4 – Xbox One Best Selling Game ★ Titanfall Sales

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VGN News: IDC PS4 / Xbox One Predictions - Titanfall Sales Numbers - Nintendo WiiU Loss Wii U sales slow to a crawl as Nintendo posts $457 million loss: Gamespot   PS4's, Xbox One's Best-Selling Game: IG...

Bill Gates Body Language Indicates Possible Deception with “Absolutely” Answer on Spin-Off of Xbox

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Microsoft founder Bill Gates would support CEO Satya Nadella if he wanted to spinoff the company's Xbox division, Gates said in a recent interview with Fox Business Network. Gates would support Xbox spinoff:  Polyg...

Why Pay More for Less? Xbox One

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One statement that I see people repeating a lot is; Why would someone buy the Xbox One because you pay more for less?  Personally, this is one argument that makes no sense to me.  Maybe  if your only concern is terafl...

Sony Cuts Forecasts AGAIN – Investors React

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Sony has slashed its profit forecasts for the third time for fiscal year 2013. Sony cut its forecast for operating profit to 26 billion yen ($254.53 million) for the business year ended in March from a previous est...