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Augmented Reality for your Xbox and Living Room -Microsoft IllumiRoom

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Microsoft Research showed off a Tech Demo of IllumiRoom. The device is still in research, but is expected to eventually launch in the next several years and add an extra layer of entertainment for the Next Gen Xbox 72...

Xbox One System Update ★ Headset Adaptor ★ Multiplayer & Party Chat

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Microsoft details more changes coming to the Xbox One on March 4th.  They also have just announced a new headset & adaptor for existing headsets.   Get to your friends list faster. The friends list wil...

New Nintendo President Kills Iwatas Dream Machine

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New Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima has cancelled a product that Satoru Iwata pressed for before his death. Nintendo's 'Quality of Life' product initiative put on ice: Gamasutra VGN

Gears of War Ultimate Edition has DUMB A.I. – Future of Artificial Intelligence

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When artificial intelligence in video games becomes...artificially intelligent:  Gamasutra VGN

Xbox One: Kinect Always On and Watching Privacy Concerns Answered – 1984 Update

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Microsoft posted up a response today for gamer's who are concerned about privacy issues surrounding the new Xbox One's Kinect 2.0.  Consumers have been very outspoken about rumors that Kinect is always on and always l...

Why did Sony delete the CoD: Ghosts 1080P Image? Flaunt it PS4!

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The resolution shot heard around the world was fired earlier this week when it was announced that Call of Duty Ghosts would be running at 1080P native, and the Xbox One will be upscaled from 720P to 1080p.  Sony fans ...

Sony: The PS4 Pro Held Back by PS4 Parity – WTF: Why Buy PS4 PRO?

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Sony Claims PS4 Pro will be held back for PS4 Parity sake. Then WHY UPGRADE? 30FPS is STUPID on a New Console. PS4 Pro: PS4 Mouse & Keyboard: * CNET: TV Game Mode...

Inside Game Review – Overhyped? Should You Buy? – Worth $20?

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Playdead's Inside Game Review. VGN Best Sellers:

Battlefield 4 Tips: Using the BattleScreen

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A walkthrough of one of the latest features that has been added to the Battlefield series. In Battlefield 4, PC players can take advantage of dual screens or a laptop in order to have a full layout of the map through...

Not All Xbox Scorpio Games Will Be In 4K – and that’s a GOOD thing

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Xbox Scorpio Games may not be 4k Native Resolution according to Microsoft. Plus, what are devs saying about PS4 Neo & Xbox Scorpio? Xbox head Phil Spencer has said that he won't mandate games to be 4K on Scorpi...

PS4 Game Sharing (Free Games) Tutorial – License Transfer

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PS4 Game SharingTutorial Xbox One Family Game Sharing:

Titanfall Multiplayer Issues Update

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As Titanfall was launching, there were a few hiccups along the way.  Here's my experience with multiplayer issues and the current state.

Battlefield 4 Banned in China

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The Chinese government has officially banned first-person shooter game, Battlefield 4, calling out Electronic Arts (EA) for developing content that threatens the country's national security. It also accused the U.S...

Why Sony & Microsoft are Blamed for “CHEATING” by the Overwatch Team

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Overwatch Blames Sony & Microsoft for 'Cheating" ✔️XIM 4 Mouse & Keyboard: TAC Pro PS4 Mouse & Keyboard: The Fight Over How To Play Overwatch On Consoles: K...

New Xbox Console is Coming? Next Xbox Needs These Features

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Phil Spencer says he fully expects a New Xbox Console is coming. So when? And what features are needed? How Microsoft plans to make the Xbox great again: TheVerge VGN

PC VS Consoles ★ Top 5 PC Gaming MYTHS ★ Should You Buy a PS4 Neo / Xbox One Scorpio or PC?

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PC vs Consoles. Top 5 PC Gaming Myths. Should You Buy a PS4 Neo, Xbox One Scorpio, or a PC? Video Games and News ⍟CHEAP PC Games⍟ G2A: G2A CDKeys: CDKeys My Setup: Blue Yeti Microphone:

Crackdown 3 Delayed till 2018 – Xbox One X Launch Lineup is Still Great Microsoft Claims

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✅ Pre-Order Xbox One X:

Naughty Dog & Sony Respond to Bombshell Sexual Harassment Allegations

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Xbox One X: Gameplay: Shadow of War

Nintendo SNES Classic Mini Coming in 2017

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✅ NES Classic: ✔ VGN: Gaming News: ► Twitter:!/TwTheRedDragon Nintendo to launch SNES (Super Nintendo) classic mini this year: Eurogamer

Sony: PS4 Neo Coming to Keep People OFF PC

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Sony says PS4 Neo is coming to keep people off PC. Overwatch Gameplay: New Playstation 4K Neo Coming to keep Users off PC: The Guardian VGN

PS4 Patch 1.70 – What’s New??

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Playstation 4 Patch Update 1.70 Changelog SHAREfactory: Allows you to easily customize your gameplay videos with special effects, video commentary with picture-in-picture capability through PlayStation Camera, and cu...

Playstation Plus Worth It? List of Free Games – PS3 / Vita / PS4

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PlayStation Plus will play a huge role in delivering next gen online gaming experiences, while offering incredible value to members. With a single PlayStation Plus membership, you’ll get all of the benefits across PS4...

Titanfall 2 Feels Like a Downgrade From Titanfall

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Titanfall 2 Feels like a downgrade from Titanfall. How did they screw this up? Titanfall 2:

PS4 Reviews Slam Framerate Issues on Call of Duty Ghosts

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Reviews are beginning to roll in for Call of Duty Ghosts on various platforms. But one of the more interesting bit of information found within the reviews, is the fact that many notorious sites are claiming the PS4 ve...

Latest PS4 vs Xbox One Poll Results

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A commentary on the latest PS4 vs Xbox One poll numbers from Reuters.  When gamer's were asked, which console they planned on picking up this holiday season.  The results came back a little skewed. I break down the nu...

No, Scalebound is NOT in Development

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HOTTEST Games Right Now: ✔ VGN: Gaming News: Xbox renewed the trademark to 'Scalebound,' but no, it's not in development:

Top 10 Video Games in 2016

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Top 10 Video Games and Electronics in 2016 Google Trending ► Buy Forza Horizon 3: Amazon

Microsoft to Buy AMD? -Report

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According to a report, Microsoft is interested in buying AMD. Kitguru

Crytek Calls Unpaid Devs Emotional

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Some people were very impatient and got angry at the smallest delay. Also, there was a critique of us not being proactive in communication, which we don't understand, because we had been frequently in the UK as well a...

Gamer’s Buy Online Escorts to Beat Loneliness

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Gamer's are now buying online escorts to chat with due to loneliness the BBC is reporting. BBC

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