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Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month ★ Incoming Patch

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Battlefield 4 has announced a number of changes coming in February.  Including a patch to adjust a number of vehicles. Battlefield 4 Appreciation Month: Battlelog Upcoming Battlefield 4 update will tweak vehicle...


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Battlefield 4 NEW FEATURES CONFIRMED Release Date: 10/29/2013 Rumored (leaked?) Beta date: 09/29/2013 Media Official Trailers Battlefield 4: Official "Siege of Shanghai" Multiplayer Trailer Battlefi...

Destiny Patch Brings Big Changes to Loot / Balance Issues / Voice Communications

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Loot He Who Shall Not Be Named Long ago during development, the Cryptarch decoded engrams of a given color into gear of that same color. Early in 2014 we added randomness, both for better and worse, to the decrypt...

Battlefield 4 Graphics on Consoles

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Now that the Battlefield 4 beta has been released to the open public, feedback is starting to roll in from the community. The vast majority of feedback that I have heard has been positive. Hit detection seems to be be...

Metal Gear Solid 5 $30 Demo – A Road I Don’t Want to Travel

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Reviews are hitting for Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.  Many are saying that the game is extremely short, and is basically a demo. Should we pay for demos now?

Steam Offers Refunds on Digital Games for ANY Reason

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Steam offers refunds on digital games for any reason: The Verge VGN

1080P Zealots Are Ruining Gaming

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1080P Zealots are holding gaming back. What's more important? Performance? Stable FPS? Innovation? or a Resolution number? Since the launch of the next-gen consoles, we've constantly heard about how important 108...

Microsoft Will & MUST Release a New Upgraded Xbox One (Xbox Two)

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Microsoft will and must release a new upgraded Xbox if they wish to remain relevant. VGN

Is Sony’s PS Now Program a Good Deal? or Expensive?

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Sony has revealed its subscription plan for PS Now - their video game streaming service. Is this plan expensive? Is it better than EA Access which Sony said was a bad deal for its customers? Video Game News: VGN ...

Sony Testing $15 a Month Subscription for Games

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Sony Online Entertainment announced today that the company will offer a new “all access” subscription plan for all its games starting “on or about” April 2nd. The subscription model will cost $14.99 a months, and w...

Xbox Project Scorpio Held Back Because of Xbox One?

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Game In the video: ✔ VGN: Gaming News:

WRONG ON DIRECTX 12 (ReviewTechUSA Response Video}

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Response video to ReviewTechUSA and his thoughts about DirectX 12 and developers taking advantage of the tech now. RTU (ReviewTechUSA) Video on EA Devs DX12 Comment: EA Dev on Dire...

Desperate: Sony Launches Crowdfunding Site

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Sony launches a crowdfunding platform: GamesIndustry Sony launches crowdfunding platform for its own new products: The Verge VGN

No Dedicated Servers on Halo MCC?

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Reports of "Migrating Hosts" have appeared in Halo MCC multiplayer games which has led to speculation that Halo The Master Chief Collection doesn't have dedicated servers. PS4 Tops Xbox One in October NPD, NBA 2K15...

Pre-Launch DLC & Season Passes – My Opinion

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My thoughts on the recent number of games that have released with pre-launch DLC packs and season passes. I'm done

Playstation 4 Used Games Fee?

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For the last year, it has been rumored that both Microsoft and Sony were going to lay some sort of restrictions on used games. Lately, Xbox One has been taking a lot of flak over used games, and gamers seem to be look...

Voice Assistant Cortana Coming to Xbox One

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Jen Taylor, who played the role of AI character Cortana in the Halo video game series, will reportedly be the voice for Microsoft's personal assistant, set for a beta release on Lumia devices in April. Microsoft to...

Not All Xbox Scorpio Games Will Be In 4K – and that’s a GOOD thing

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Xbox Scorpio Games may not be 4k Native Resolution according to Microsoft. Plus, what are devs saying about PS4 Neo & Xbox Scorpio? Xbox head Phil Spencer has said that he won't mandate games to be 4K on Scorpi...

Why did Sony delete the CoD: Ghosts 1080P Image? Flaunt it PS4!

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The resolution shot heard around the world was fired earlier this week when it was announced that Call of Duty Ghosts would be running at 1080P native, and the Xbox One will be upscaled from 720P to 1080p.  Sony fans ...

Battlefield Hardline Hacking 2.0 ★★Use it or Lose it★★

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Battlefield Hardline Hacking Tutorial Part 2.

Do you remember the first time you played online?

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Xbox Live turns 10 Years old today. I talk about the past 10 years and what i've witnessed.

Egypt Blames Video Games for Rise of Radical Islam

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Video Games have always been blamed for violence. But this is on a whole new level of stupid. Egypt Official Blames ‘Tom and Jerry’, Video Games for Violence Across Middle East and Radical Islam’: Egyptian Streets ...

Xbox One Has Dedicated Servers for All Multiplayer games

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Microsoft confirms that it is offering developers access to free dedicated multiplayer servers for the Xbox One. Xbox Live Compute – dedicated servers! If you have played a lot of multiplayer games, you know that pla...

13Yr Old BUSTED IRL Battlefield Hardline

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A 13 Year old has been taken down for swatting. Source: Gamespot

PS4 News: Eye Camera and Voice Commands

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This is a Playstation 4 news update which covers new information concerning the Playstation Eye and voice commands that you can use to navigate the UI menu on the PS4. When the PlayStation 4 launches this November, t...

Playstation 4 Virtual Reality Gaming

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Sony is getting ready to debut Playstation 4 Virtual Reality Gaming soon. Sony plans to enter the virtual reality gaming space in a big way with PlayStation 4, Amid the growing popularity of the Oculus Rift VR heads...

Nintendo NX is Disc-Free?

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Is Nintendo NX a Disc-less console? New patents reveal info. Nintendo Patent Shows New Hardware With No Disc Drive And A Controller With Display Screen: GameInformer

PS4 Firmware Update 1.60 ★ Wireless Support

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Sony has officially announced the Sony Gold Series Headphones I was telling you about the other day. Also, news on PS4 Firmware update 1.60 Sony Announces PS4 Gold Wireless Headset, Pulse Headset Support: Gameinfor...

Xbox One Twitch Features Better than PS4 ~ Microsoft

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Microsoft is launching the Twitch TV Live streaming app on Xbox One on March 11th, in time for Titanfall.  Microsoft says their app is a lot better than their competitor, the PS4. Source: Xbox Wire

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