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New 4K Upgraded PS4.5 Coming: Report

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Sources: Sony Is Working On A ‘PlayStation 4.5’: Kotaku Video Games and News

Is Tomb Raider Coming to PS4?

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Is Rise of the Tomb Raider coming to PS4? What does Xbox One Timed Exclusive really mean? Xbox boss Phil Spencer makes case for Tomb Raider exclusivity deal: Eurogamer Square Enix: 'Our Partnership With Microso...

Battlefield 4 Commander Mode Guide

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Commander mode has finally made its way back into the Battlefield series with Battlefield 4.  In this video, i'll walk you through the commander mode and explain all of the different features and tools you will have a...

Overwatch Review: Buy Wait or Skip? Worth $60?

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Overwatch Review: Buy, Wait or Skip. Overwatch worth $60? Overwatch $48 On Consoles: VGN Video Game News: Video Games and News

Microsoft Will & MUST Release a New Upgraded Xbox One (Xbox Two)

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Microsoft will and must release a new upgraded Xbox if they wish to remain relevant. VGN

Sony: Rebuy Expensive Old PS2 Games for PS4

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Sony's answer to backwards compatibility is making gamers rebuy old PS2 games at a premium price. Fan-Favorite PS2 Games Launching on PS4 Tomorrow: Playstation VGN

EA’s Lame Excuse for No Star Wars Battlefront Single Player Campaign

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EA explains why there is no Star Wars Battlefront Single Player Campaign. PC Gamer

Virtual Reality Pros and Cons ★ PS4 / Oculus Rift Headsets – Future or Fail?

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Is Virtual Reality the future or just a fail waiting to happen?  Sony is ready to unveil the PS4 VR headset & glasses to rival Oculus Rift. What are the pros & cons to virtual reality games? The Pros of VR: ...

Windows 10 Coming to Xbox One

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Microsoft has revealed that Windows 10 will be coming to multiple platforms, including PC, Tablets, Phones, and Xbox One. What will Windows 10 bring to Xbox One? A LOT. Cross-Platform gaming, more games, and apps. ...

Sony Screws PS4 Sports Fans – Pulling MLB Servers After 1 Year

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Servers shutting down for another sports video game a year after its launch: Polygon

The Xbox Game Pass

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Microsoft drops Xbox Game Pass to beat PSNow. ✔️Buy Ghost Recon Wildlands: ► VGN: Gaming News:

Trayvon Martin in WatchDogs? ★ TYT Conspiracy Theory

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TYT The Young Turks have come to the conclusion that Trayvon Martin is 'Clearly' inside Ubisoft's Watch Dogs game.  Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian are convinced this was intentional and could be malicious in nature beca...

Xbox One Revealed: No Xbox360 or Used Games?

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Microsoft just finished showing the world the reveal of the next gen Xbox, called Xbox One. While the Xbox One press conference covered a few areas that are important to gamers, there were a few noteworthy tidbits tha...

EA: 70% of Free-to-Play Gamers Quit after 1 Day

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Free-to-play games on average lose 70 per cent of their userbase within the first day, EA's play4Free VP has said. Speaking at the London Games Conference 2012, Sean Decker provided a wealth of information for deve...

Microsoft: Want to Play PC Games on Xbox One?

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella admits it: 'Xbox is just another Windows computer': Yahoo Microsoft Asks About Playing PC Games on Xbox One: VideoGamesandNews

Egypt Blames Video Games for Rise of Radical Islam

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Video Games have always been blamed for violence. But this is on a whole new level of stupid. Egypt Official Blames ‘Tom and Jerry’, Video Games for Violence Across Middle East and Radical Islam’: Egyptian Streets ...

No Kinect Xbox One Means ★ More Power ★ New UI ★ Xbox Live Refunds & More

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Xbox One going Kinect-Less is going to bring about some changes for Kinect owners.  Refunds, more power, new UI and more Microsoft claims. Xbox Live Refunds: CVG Xbox One UI Changes coming: Polygon Xbox One t...

HATRED Game Pulled from Steam

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Mass shooter (Ultra-Violent) video game Hatred is pulled from Steam by Valve Mass shooter game Hatred hits Steam Greenlight, gets pulled by Valve: Polygon VGN Video Games and News

Playstation Network Down – Major PSN Outage #BetterPSN

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Playstation Network Status is: DOWN. Major Outage - No ETA on Fix. Sony's PSN is a HORRIBLE Service. And no one should have to pay for it. PlayStation Network is down: Verge VGN

PS4 2015 Projections – Sony Game Division Report

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Sony 2014 Game Division Report & 2015 Projections for PS4 / PS3 / Vita Source: GamesIndustry

PS4K Neo Will Kill PS4 and Sony

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Will a New PS4K Neo model kill PS4 & Sony as many are claiming? VGN-VideoGamesandNews

Windows 10: HoloLens / DX12 / Steam / Xbox Gaming

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A recap of the Windows 10 event. Xbox Gaming, DirectX12, HoloLens and more discussed. VGN: Watch Windows 10 Event Replay - Full Video: ...

Jakku Revealed! New Maps & Mode Gameplay – Star Wars Battlefront

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Star Wars Battlefront Battle of Jakku DLC Gameplay

Microsoft Lost Half a Million Dollars on Bungie Prank

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Report: Microsoft lost half a million dollars due to Bungie prank. Source: Polygon VGN

Download Halo 5 Guardian Beta Right Now

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Halo 5 Guardian Beta starts Dec 29th - Jan 18th. Here is how you can download the beta right now - and why you should Halo 5 Guardians Beta Schedule: Team Beyond

Battlefield 4 Almost Delayed on PS4 / Xbox – BF4 Using XboxOne Cloud?

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In a recent interview, Patrick Bach made a few admissions about developing Battlefield 4 for the next gen Xbox One and PS4 consoles. Q: The schedule for the launch of the next generation isn't quite as busy as you mi...

PS4 vs Xbox One ★ Same Price but Xbox has Better Games – claims Microsoft

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Microsoft claims Xbox One has better games - explains why PS4 is outselling Xbox.  Why are they dropping Kinect? Microsoft still lags behind Sony as U.S. Xbox One sales slump by 50%: Gamasutra Xbox One boss talk...

Fanboys Suffer from Low Self-Esteem

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There are certainly no shortages of fanboys in the world of video games. Players attach themselves to their favorite platform - (PC / Console) (Xbox One Vs PS4) - to their favorite games (CoD Vs BF) - To their favorit...

Microsoft’s Cortana – Personal Assistant to rival Apple’s Siri – Coming to Xbox One

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Microsoft is building a rival to Apple's Siri program. Codenamed 'Cortana', the virtual personal assistant is said to be 'revolutionary'. Cortana takes its codename from Cortana, an artifically intelligent character ...

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