A commentary examining the recent issues surrounding the PS4 launch. Reports are coming in from multiple news outlets and social media sites that a number of Playstation 4 customers have been having issues with disc drives, Red Lights of Death, and Blue Lights of Death. Several consoles are being reported as DOA (Dead on Arrival), while others are reporting that their console stopped working after a few days of use.

Many of the stories reference Amazon reviews, but also point out that many of the reviews could possibly be faked by Xbox trolls. In this video, I examine the Amazon reviews and give thoughts on the issue of whether this story is being over or under reported by journalists.

Sony posts troubleshooting guide for Blue Light of Death issue: IGN

Blue Light has no clear fix: Kotaku

PS4 Amazon Reviews: Amazon

PS4 Sales strong despite reports of defects – New York Times

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  • Lacarious

    weak attempt but good try

  • Skrilla

    Don’t think Xbox trolls have an extra $400 to be an Amazon verified buyer
    I knew a few people with problems even a few legit YouTube reviewers

    • JimmyNice

      I’m sure the numbers are accurate… but based on selling 100 to 150 thousand systems… that numbers of negative reviews come in at that 0.4% failure rate. Which is low (PS3 had 3%, Iphone 4 – 5% and 360 – 16%). Still sucks, but ALL ELECTRONICS have failure rates… we just live in a MUCH more social media savvy world and we are hearing it about a highly anticipated product launch. We will hear about it for XB1 because it will have some sort of failure rate too (hopefully low)

  • cell989

    trolls are everywhere just remember

  • Rg

    don’t forget people will lie and bitch and complain even if nothing is wrong just so they can get amazon or whoever sold it to them to give them free shit. PS4 isn’t having any major problems, its fanboy rage and customers trying to get free shit. I’m sure some customers are legitimately having problems, all industries and products have this. but its not a RROD situation or anything worth being concerned about

  • Slay

    LOLLLLLLLLL! BS kid! Most of these reviews are from verified purchases. You can’t fake those. Also look on youtube and the sony support forums. Quit damage controlling. Sony consoles are bricking everywhere!

  • GunsAndTheBeast

    It’s called ‘Media Sensationalism’. Over exaggerated stories. But with the now stacking rumors about China’s employees sabotage, there might be some truth in it. What this means, is that PS4 is not a faulty design (unlike the 360 RROD with higher failure rate), but rather designed to be faulty thanks to the Chinese workers little stunts and surely common sense, it’s not Sony’s fault.