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PS4 Issues Overreported Due to Amazon Trolls?

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A commentary examining the recent issues surrounding the PS4 launch. Reports are coming in from multiple news outlets and social media sites that a number of Playstation 4 customers have been having issues with disc d...

PS4 Headset Compatibility Issue – Current Gen Headsets Will Not Work at Launch

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PS4 News Update: Many existing headsets will not work on the Playstation 4 on release date due to compatibility problems. Is Sony & Microsoft really ready for launch? Yesterday, we received a note from Astro G...

PS4 NEWS: Sales Target / Recording HDMI Gameplay / Playstation App

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A news update on recent Playstation 4 updates Playstation 4 News: Sony announces sales target. Update on HDMI game recording. And a new App coming to Android and IOS in Nov. Sony Unveils Ambitious PlayStation 4 ...

PS4 Blocks Recording Gameplay on External Capture Devices?

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Does the Playstation 4 Block external capture devices like the Hauppauge HDPVR 2, Elgato, Avermedia Live Gamer HD etc?   The End of PS4 on Youtube? • VGN - http://www.VideoGamesAndNews.com I've been receiving a lot ...

Playstation 4 Virtual Reality Gaming

Playstation 4 Virtual Reality Gaming

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Sony is getting ready to debut Playstation 4 Virtual Reality Gaming soon. Sony plans to enter the virtual reality gaming space in a big way with PlayStation 4, Amid the growing popularity of the Oculus Rift VR heads...

Could PS3 Stream PS4 Games?

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Playstation 4 News update from VGN: In this video we cover new information concerning the PS4 Eye camera and its voice navigation features. We also have new details surrounding Sony's Gaikai cloud streaming service. G...

PS4 Friends List Limit – Make Money with Playstation 4?

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Playstation 4 News update.  Sony has released a Q&A video that mentions a few interesting facts about the Playstation 4.  We learned that Playstation 4 can feature up to 2,000 friends on your list of players. The ...

Playstation 4 Exclusive Game: War Thunder has Special Features

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A look at the Playstation 4 Exclusive, War Thunder. A free-to-play MMO Flight Simulator which has some cool PS4 features. War Thunder is a next generation MMO combat game dedicated to World War II military aviation, ...

Playstation 4 RAM vs Xbox One – How much is dedicated to OS – Game Development

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A report was released today that details Playstation 4's RAM usage when it comes to the OS, and how much is allocated for game development on the PS4.  This video highlights the latest claims coming out about the PS4....

PS4 News – Playstation TV – Pre-Orders Sold Out – DualShock Controller

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Playstation 4 News - Playstation TV - Gamestop Pre-orders Sold Out - Dualshock Controller light • Youtube: http://www.Youtube.com/TwTheRedDragon • Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/TwTheRedDragon • Facebook: http://ww...