Playstation 4 News update.  Sony has released a Q&A video that mentions a few interesting facts about the Playstation 4.  We learned that Playstation 4 can feature up to 2,000 friends on your list of players. The current PS3 is maxed out at 100 friends. Note: Xbox One also has a similar extended friends list.

Another detail that Sony mentioned today was the launch of Player Studio.  Player Studio is Sony’s Marketplace where users can upload their art and content and then sell it to other users. Sony splits the revenue 40% with the user. So far, the marketplace has been announced for Everquest 1, Everquest 2, Freerealm, and Planetside 2.  Planetside 2 will be a free-to-play launch title for the PS4 later this year.  It hasn’t been announced yet that the Player Studio will be available to PS4 users, but there is no reason to doubt that it would happen.  If this program is successful, it is almost guaranteed that this would expand to other titles as well.

This could open up an entirely new dimension in console games that hasn’t been seen before.

Playstation 4 Q&A: 2,000 Friend Limit

Planetside 2 Player Studio:

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