Gamespots reviewer Carolyn Petit has been under fire for saying that GTA5 is misogynistic and sexist in her review.  While many have criticized her commentary on the game in that aspect, I wanted to discuss my thoughts and opinions on the sexism in GTAV, as well as the writer injecting her own personal opinions into the review.

Carolyn Petit’s Gamespot Grand Theft Auto V Review

Gamers petition GameSpot writer who criticised GTAV for misogyny

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  • The Old PS3 Gamer

    My problem with the review on Gamespot is specifically the hypocrisy that a reviewer from that site accusing GTA V of Misogyny, and yet having a video posted a few hours earlier in preview of the game which included two women dressed up as prostitutes.

    Furthermore the reviewer is a transgender and will only have ever suffered prejudice for their status as a transgender person (and you see plenty of these prejudiced comments on the Gamespot forums), and will not have had to suffer the type of sexist/misogyny (that she accuses GTA V of) that many women will probably have had to deal with either in their personal lives or working lifes.