News broke this week that Youtube is in the process of making changes that could affect the future of gameplay videos showing up on Youtube.  In this commentary, I wanted to discuss the future changes and how they will impact youtubers who are in networks.  But I also wanted to go a little bit deeper and also talk about the future of gaming networks on Youtube.  Are gaming networks really needed?  I’m sure you’ve all heard the numerous statements by individuals who claim that if you want to upload gameplay videos – then you must join a network.  Is this REALLY true?  Or have the networks simply gotten away with this myth that you need them a lot more than they need you.
Who has the best network?  Machinima, IGN, TGN, Fullscreen, Screencast, Maker Studios, Curse, RPM, Social Blade, Yeosch, Game Station, YTGamers????  Noticed how so many started popping up after it was clear that Machinima was making boat loads of money off of people?  Do you think these networks reached out to every single publisher / developer in the world and got permission? And the companies said – only some 3rd party network can have this permission?


What if the answer to the best network question….is no network.


Ubisoft Policy on Youtube Videos


The Red Dragon


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