A Battlefield 4 News update.  In the past week, we’ve heard a couple of interesting stories around the watercooler. The first one involves a source at bf4central who claims that DICE is looking to increase the player count from 64 (+2 for Commanders) – to 70 Plus.  We also received confirmation that Battlefield 4 on Xbox One will have Kinect 2.0 support.  But don’t expect motion controls according to Karl Magnus Troedsson, DICE General Manager.

You need to have very precise control over what’s going on, and trying to do something like that with motion control input does not make sense–not if you want to keep the same kind of formula of the game as we [have] now. You’d need to build a different kind of shooter.

“But there are other places where it will make sense, and we are going to use it for other things in the game, but we haven’t announced exactly what,” ~ Videogamer

So if Battlefield 4 won’t be using Kinect for motion controls, what could be some possible uses?

Voice Controls:

Voice Commands would be the first obvious response I believe that makes sense. In Campaign, you could easily give out commands to your a.i. or request aid. Telling your team to form up or flank opponents.  To go silent or with brute force. There are a lot of different potential scenarios with voice. For multiplayer, I could envision the commander saying “UAV Scan” and he preps a torpedo missile.

All of these would be entertaining and would add a level of immersion to the game without sacrificing any elements as well.  But the question remains for me.  What  keeps this same sort of system from being used on PS4 with the headset microphone?  Voice commands in games are nothing new, but the latest technology is certainly welcome because the next generation will be a lot more capable of being precise and fast.

Heartbeat Sensor:

We know that Kinect can read your heartbeat. What if Kinect could read your pulse while you are playing the game. And what if the gun swayed depending on how fast your adrenaline was pumping.  (Remember, this is just for fun and pure speculation at this point until DICE confirms what it will do)


Soldiers mouths move with yours to accurately portray you talking into your Kinect or mic – Also would be capable on PS4.

What do you think Kinect will be used for?


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  • spideynut71

    Mass Effect 3 and Skyrim are the best examples of successful Kinect integration into a “hardcore” game. I can easily see Kinect 2.0 working very well with shooters, as long as the controller is still used for navigation/movement.

  • Kyle

    Who cares about Kinect in BF4? We need PlayStation move support so we could have much more precise and realistic control then you would find with a standard. pad.