While everyone has been focused on the Xbox One and Playstation 4 tug of war. Another player could still enter the game and really shake up the scene for both Sony and Microsoft. One device that hasn’t been in the spotlight a lot is the Steam Box which will be coming to living rooms at some point in the future.   And it looks as if the Steam Box may be having some features and ideas that excited a lot of Xbox One fans.

Xbox One originally was planning on allowing players to have a “Family share plan”. The family share plan would allow players to select 10 people whom they wish to share their game libraries with. The idea was just starting to get some coverage when Xbox decided to pull that feature when they changed their DRM and Used game policy. (Xbox One Eighty)

Now, it appears that Steam may be looking to implement a very similar policy based on some code which was found in the latest Steam Beta Update.

“SteamUI_JoinDialog_SharedLicense_Title” “Shared game library”
“SteamUI_JoinDialog_SharedLicenseLocked_OwnerText” “Just so you know, your games are currently in use by %borrower%. Playing now will send %borrower% a notice that it’s time to quit.”
“SteamUI_JoinDialog_SharedLicenseLocked_BorrowerText” “This shared game is currently unavailable. Please try again later or buy this game for your own library.”

If Steam follows through and allows users to share their game libraries with other players. This would be a huge selling point for Steam. And with the Steam Box coming in the future. Gamer’s hypothetically could play their PC Steam games on their consoles – Have access to their library as well as friends libraries – and still get great steam prices and discounts.

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Sources: Neogaf | Verge


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