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Xbox One Specs Upgraded | Is Illumiroom Projector Doomed?

Xbox One Specs Upgraded | Is Illumiroom Projector Doomed?

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In this commentary, we will cover the latest Xbox One news.  We recently found out that the Xbox One specs received almost a 10% boost as it was revealed the CPU is now humming at 1.75 GHz. It was previously clocked a...

Could PS3 Stream PS4 Games?

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Playstation 4 News update from VGN: In this video we cover new information concerning the PS4 Eye camera and its voice navigation features. We also have new details surrounding Sony's Gaikai cloud streaming service. G...

Xbox One Without Kinect – Not Happening

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Microsoft Reps Say a Kinect-Less Version of Xbox One is Not Happening Major Nelson (Aka Larry Hyrb): Says No Plans for Kinect-less Version of Xbox One and Microsoft is 100% behind Kinect 2.0: Reddit Microsoft PR...

Why Disconnect Kinect? Miss Teen USA – Baby Monitor Hacked

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Microsoft recently announced that the Xbox One will work without Kinect being plugged in.  This gives users the peace of mind that they can remove their Kinect if they have strong privacy concern issues.  And the news...

How Realistic is Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs Facial Recognition Technology?

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Ubisoft's Watch Dogs is getting a lot of attention from gamers who have been excited about what they've seen so far with the game.  Part of the excitement stems from next gen graphics - some from the story line - some...

Real Human Aimbot – TrackingPoint Smart Rifle

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In this commentary, I discuss the new Smart Rifle by TrackingPoint. What if you could become a marksman sniper within minutes, even if you had never handled a weapon before in your life? TrackingPoint, a Texas c...

Human Microchip Implants for your Brain – New Obesity Treatment

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UK-based scientists have designed an 'intelligent' microchip which they claim can suppress appetite.  Animal trials of the electronic implant are about to begin and its makers say it could provide a more effective alt...

PC Era is Over – The Future Discussion – Modular Computer

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PC Sales have declined for the first time in 11 years. The trend is expected to continue - and worsen for several years according to many analyst. Is this the beginning of the End of the PC Era? Many prominent PC busi...

Syrian Rebels Use Playstation Controller to Control Tank

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As Syrian rebels continue to grow their weapons arsenal, the opposition forces showed they may not need to raid Syrian military bases to acquire arms. In a newly released video from Russia Today, Syria rebels unveiled...

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