Recently, a video from Youtuber ReviewTechUSA has gone viral. In the video the commentator mentions a number of different rumors that he has recently heard from anonymous sources regarding launch troubles for both the Xbox One and PS4. I’ll leave a link below so that you can watch the entire clip, but since the video debuted, a number of websites and members of the gaming community have since lambasted Rich from ReviewTechUSA for many of his points during his commentary. I’m not going to cover each rumor he posted, but I do want to cover one of his main points that he focused so much on. PS4 DRM.

The other day, I told you the PS4 would have a day 1 patch that would unlock a number of features on the console. According to Rich, it is also meant to remove the restrictive DRM policies that Sony was going to implement on the PS4. He claims that once Sony witnessed the bashing the Microsoft took after they revealed their DRM 24hr connection policy, Sony pulled the plugged and changed their DRM policy at the last minute.

So in this video, I break down whether or not this was even a possibility. I also discuss how stories like this might impact your buying decisions.

PS4/Xbox One Launch Disasters Imminent ReviewTechUSA:

Sony files patent to add DRM Tags to game discs:

Sony files patent to curb access to used games:


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