VGN News: Sony announces they have sold 5.3 million PS4′s.  A developer survey asks which platform is their top pick.

Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House set a sales target of five million PlayStation 4 units by March 31, 2014. With six weeks to spare, Sony has announced it has surpassed that goal.

As of February 8, Sony has sold 5.3 million PlayStation 4 units through to consumers.  - Gameinformer


More developers are looking to release games on the PS4 than any other home console, according to a GDC survey.

The survey of 2,600 North American developers revealed that 20 per cent of game makers intend to release their next game on PS4, compared to 17 per cent who aim to launch their next title on Xbox One.

Nintendo has continued its struggle in gaining third-party support, with just four per cent of developers intending to release a game on the console.

14 per cent of developers meanwhile said they own a PS4, with 12 per cent owning an Xbox One and just four per cent a Wii U.

PC, mobile and tablet platforms hold the most popularity amongst developers however, with 51 per cent planning to make their game for smartphones and tablets, and 52 per cent anticipating releasing their next game on both PC and Mac. – Develop


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