Forget the multi-platforms and the timed exclusives on PS4 and Xbox One.  What about the actual exclusive games that were shown during the Sony and Microsoft E3 presentation?  Do you think one system outperformed the other?  Here is a breakdown of the games that you can’t play anywhere else unless you have a Playstation 4 or an Xbox One.

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  • Jonah Thrillz

    Aww the “red dragon”. Your youtube videos are so subjective I wonder if you’re getting paid Micro$oft bucks.

    I’ll sooner follow Jack Turtleshell on Youtube. At least his reviews are honest if not objective.

    • born_naughty

      He barely gave his opinion. Just summorised the exclusives.

      Besides, a review is never objective. It’s an opinion, and will always be subjective. You want an honest review, not an objective one.

      • Jonah Thrillz

        Ever seen his Youtube videos?

        Contrary to your claims that “a review is never objective”, you actually can provide objective reviews. You wouldn’t have Consumer Reports if you purposely promoted any one brand of product.

        Unfortunately the red dragon has blatantly posted videos supporting all the positives of Xbox One yet he refrains from mentioning the glaring negatives. Meanwhile he’ll happily drag Sony through the mud for any little misstep.

        He’s gone far from providing opinions to making it an outright vendetta against a brand. Only an idiot would buy into his arguments.

        • born_naughty

          No I haven’t, and I don’t care. This particular video you’re commenting on; he doesn’t give his opinion in it.
          That’s just one example of objectivity. Objective means you leave your own opinion aside.
          I don’t know about that but it has nothing to do with this video. That’s all I’m saying.

          • Jonah Thrillz

            Ok if you admit you don’t know anything about this idiot’s history then STFU and GTFO.