Gamers are speaking with their wallets following E3 2013, a show that was dominated by Sony PlayStation 4 in the next gen battle. Amazon has already sold out of the $400 PlayStation 4 launch edition of the next gen console, which will be available on day one of Sony’s launch. Sony is still selling PS4 as a $400 Standard Edition, but is not guaranteeing when gamers will receive that version this fall.

PS4 is also being bundled as a $500 bundle with two different versions, one including Electronic Arts’ Battlefield 4 and PS Plus and one including Guerilla Games’ Killzone Shadow Fall and PS Plus. There are also two other bundles retailing for $460, one including Sony’s Knack and the other including Ubisoft’s Watch Dog.

The Xbox One Day One Edition is still available for $500. Amazon is not currently selling any Xbox One bundles. Microsoft MSFT -0.91%’s Forza Motorsport 5 is the only Xbox One game in the Top 20 bestselling games list on the site. Sony has three PS4 games (Watch Dogs, Battlefield 4 and Killzone Shadow Fall) in the Top 20. Gamers are also buying the Dualshock 4 PS4 controller and the PlayStation 4 Camera. Three of the PS4 bundles (all but the Knack bundle) are in the Top 20 in Amazon sales.

While the PS4 Standard Edition is listed number one and Xbox One Day One Edition is listed number two on Amazon, sources have told me that PS4 is outselling Xbox One by two to one. I’ve emailed Amazon to confirm these numbers, but have not heard back. Baird video game analyst Colin Sebastian confirmed that PS4 is outselling Xbox One on both Amazon and GameStop, but has not revealed any specific numbers.

 Source: Playstation 4 launch edition sold out at Amazon – Forbes
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  • Michael Clanton

    FanBoy article, For one, there is more then amazon,number 2 the x1 did sell out, but amazon were able to sell more, another thing is we dont know how much each company has given amazon, or gamestop to sell….we dont know the allocation. The guess work from analyst(people like pachter) are guesses, they even admit it. While sony may be out pre ordering now…we dont know the numbers from bestbuy, or the biggest retail chain in the, oh and lets not forget, microsoft lets you pre order from the xbox live there are variables not being factored in. I dont own a xbox and never will, but when i see articles like this bashing with no actual data, and picking and choosing to further a goal….just something id expect from an xbot, not from playstation fans who tend to be more mature.
    so this article is a fail, just another flamebait… this site has lost the little credibility it has had.