EA announced a few weeks ago that they were killing off the Online Pass system due to feedback from gamers. Now, Electronic Arts is offering free passes to some of the most popular older games in its catalog. Is EA being nice? Or could this be further confirmation that the next gen PS4 and Xbox One will have a online activation code or DRM built into the system?

Either way, this is good news for gamers for the time being. EA also just told CVG that they will continue to discontinue the Online Pass system for all existing EA titles over the next several weeks.

EA is offering free DLC and Online packs on Xbox Live today. Is this the beginning of the end? Or a new beginning?

American McGee’s Alice
Bad Company 2 VIP
Bulletstorm Online Pass
Dragon Age: Origins – The Stone Prisoner
The Black Emporium (Dragon Age II)
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Online Pass
Cerberus Network (Mass Effect 2)
Medal of Honor Online Pass
SHIFT 2 Unleashed Online Pass
Skate Share Pack (Skate 3)

Source: Several Online Passes for EA Games now Free

EA Phasing out all existing Online Passes

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