Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall Review

 Dishonored is not known for its length as much as its gameplay, which makes the newest DLC, The Knife of Dunwall, a welcome addition to an otherwise short experience. Not only does it add a few more levels to the game, but lets players take the role of Daud, leader of the group of assassins who go after Corvo, who is seeking redemption for what he has done to the Empress.

The DLC gives us 3 main levels; a revisiting of one we’ve been to already (the Flooded District) and new ones, the Legal District and Rothwild Slaughterhouse. There’s a little bit of disappointment in not all three being original, but the revisiting to the Flooded District is still fun enough to let it pass.

Daud has much of the same special abilities given to him by the Outsider, with a couple of new ones, like the ability to summon an Assassin to assist him in battle (feeling much like Assassin’s Creed 2). Others are variations from what Corvo had, like Blink which when used standing still, stops time. It’s not enough to make much of an impression; but really, this DLC isn’t for those looking for drastically new gameplay. Those who love the main story and gameplay of Dishonored will get exactly more of that and likely won’t be disappointed. What is nice about the recurrence of old abilities is that Blink was fine tuned and is much more fun to play with, without the control issues that the main game had.

On top of this, the back story of Daud, without giving anything away, is really intriguing. If you are a person who loved the city of Dunwall and the details to go with it, this will definitely entice you to explore it further. And for $10 for the DLC, it really is a great price point, considered what you are given. Do expect to have to purchase the follow-up DLC if you want  to complete Daud’s story, as it is clearly left unfinished in the wake of the upcoming release, The Brigmore Witches. If you haven’t tired of Dishonored yet, then for the price, it’s worth it, despite minor drawbacks.

To learn how to get through the DLC and the rest of the game undetected, you can check out The Red Dragon Dishonored Clean Hands Walkthrough on Youtube of every level.


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