Welcome back to the Battlefield soldier!  As i’ve been doing for the last several years, I will be developing a number of tutorials and guides to help you improve your skills and hopefully enjoy the game a bit more by having a knowledgeable edge over your opponents.  This first guide will introduce you to the basics.  Whether you are looking for beginner tips, or you are a veteran of the Battlefield series – this should serve as a good reminder and guide to getting started in Battlefield 4.

Back to the Basics: Options

I know that you are excited to get on the Battlefield and ready to start going to work on destroying your opponents.  While you can survive by jumping in and smashing buttons to figure everything out, my first bit of advice is to just go to the options menu and have a look.  PC players have the perk of doing a custom key binding, but console players are far more limited.  Console players are also more likely to have trouble figuring out the controls because the default settings have changed.  Spotting and driving vehicles are changed up enough that it will have veterans scratching their heads at first for a min.  Knowing which buttons bring up the right tools at the right time is going to make your experience a lot more enjoyable from the start.

There are also other options including a color blind mode if you are having trouble distinguishing the colors on screen.

Pre-Spawn Gameplan:

The First thing you want to do before you spawn into the game, is be sure you are joined up in a squad.  In Battlefield 4, squad size has been increased to 5.  I recommend that you join a squad that is almost full.  This will give you more spawn choices, and also give you better odds of getting squad perks once you get in game. (I’ll talk about squad perks in another video)

Take a moment and look over the Battlefield.  Pay attention to what bases you have – where your team is located – and what enemy armor is in the area.  The last thing you want to do is spawn on a base with a enemy tank and you have a sniper rifle.  Prepare your loadout for what you will be facing.  If you are spawning in an area with enemy tanks. Bring an engineer with rockets.  The other thing to note is your friendly vehicles that are empty.  If you see that no one is using the tanks on your team. Jump In.  Even if you aren’t good – the only way to get better is to practice.   Vehicles can turn the tide in any map on Battlefield 4.  So make sure you aren’t letting a good opportunity go to waste.
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