Microsoft is focusing their attention on going after exclusive games and franchises for the Xbox One. Phil Spencer recently praised the library of exclusive content that Nintendo has created and made it known that his goal is to get to that same place with it comes to the stable of content owned by Microsoft. In a recent interview on Inner Circle Podcast, Phil Spencer said

“The one thing i’m probably taking a different approach on xbox than some of the previous leaders is that i’m really into investing in franchises that we own. When I think about the long term of this business, I look at what nintendo has built up over the years. And they have such a great stable of franchises, and they are able to do so much because so many people love things that their franchises are doing, that are uniquely nintendos and owned by Nintendo. I want get to that same place.

Phil was also asked if there could potentially be a drought of exclusive content to which he replied with. “I don’t see a drought, unless things start slipping like crazy. i think exclusive content, first party content is critical to our long term success – thats something im going to continue to push as head of xbox.”

Microsoft Pins Comeback on Exclusives: VGN

Inner Circle Podcast w/ Phil Spencer:


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