A recent data leak from the chat app Slacker has revealed a number of private chat group names from a number of prominent companies. Among the companies whose chat groups has been exposed is Microsoft. A quick glance over the names reveal a lot of familiar names like OneNote, DX, OneDrive, Azure etc. But one group that may stand out in particular for gamers is one called

“Xbox Super Secret 2015”

Now what could the Xbox Super Secret be? Something related to Win 10 & DirectX12? The Cloud? Backwards compatibility? IllumiRoom? Cortana? Augmented Reality Glasses?

Any guess is as good as the other at the moment. While the chat group names may have been revealed. The actual contents of each group are still private and no data was leaked from the chat logs. What do you think the Xbox Super Secret 2015 group is chatting it up about?

Microsoft Research is always working on something new

RoomAlive: Microsoft Research

Dyadic Projected Spatial Augmented Reality

Handpose: Fully Articulated Hand Tracking

Microsoft isn’t the only company tossing around words like Super Secret. A Sony Dev says the company has a ‘Lot of cool, Super-Secret Stuff’ for Project Morpheus. You can read more about that at VR Focus

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