Both Xbox One and PS4 will have a built-in game DVR (Recorder) and live-streaming features. And while one might think this means they are equal in this category, they’d be wrong. There are some key differences between the two consoles.

Playstation 4

  • Records last 15 minutes of gameplay
  • Share Button built into the controller that you can press to share screenshots or video to social media networks. You can edit and save game clips.
  • Live Stream service (Ustream)
  • Playstation has said that devs can restrict and disable sharing capability (Example: Block you from recording a boss level, or a cutscene)

Xbox One

  • Records last 5 Minutes of gameplay
  • Upload Studio built into the console that you can access to edit and share with social media networks.
  • Live Stream service (
  • Can say “Xbox Record That” during gameplay to have the Xbox automatically record the last 30 seconds of gameplay and save it for you to edit later. This allows you to continue playing the game without interruption, but still have your clip saved.

So while the Playstation 4 has a clear advantage over Xbox One’s constant record time, the Xbox One does have some nice features with, and the Kinect voice recording. But there are some key questions that remain.


  • How many devs will restrict gameplay sharing? 
  • How many clips can you save?
  • Can they be saved across multiple games?
  • Can you save as many as your hard drive can store?
  • Could you say “Xbox Record That” every time you got a kill in a game and then end up basically having only the best parts of a match recorded?
  • Will Microsoft let you transfer video clips to your PC? (Like Media Center)

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