Microsoft just finished showing the world the reveal of the next gen Xbox, called Xbox One. While the Xbox One press conference covered a few areas that are important to gamers, there were a few noteworthy tidbits that Microsoft left out of the conference – and for good reason.

Leading up to the Xbox One reveal, players had 3 important questions that have stirred up a lot of controversy in the console wars with Playstation 4.

1) Always Online?  Good News – The Xbox One is not required to always have an internet connection. So you will be able to play your Blu-Ray movies and single player games just fine offline. Microsoft is mentioning however that game developers can take advantage of different tools and capabilities which would require a connection for certain games if the developers implemented these tools. One of the examples used, was the ability for developers to use the ‘Cloud’ to perform some game operations – instead of relying on the Xbox One’s processing power. So basically, Microsoft is leaving it up to the developer to decide whether their game has DRM Always on functionality.

2) Will it play Xbox 360 Games? – Bad News – Xbox One will not be backwards compatible and will not play Xbox 360 or XBLA games. The new architecture simply will not support the older games. Microsoft has said that Xbox One is for the next generation of games, and that is what it will play. Sony has made it known that it also faces the same trouble with the Playstation 4 and PS3 games, but Sony is expected to enable players to play their PS3 games on the PS4 using their streaming technology and cloud services. Since Microsoft also has access to these tools, it remains a possibility that the Xbox One could potentially offer the same services in the future. That remains to be seen however.

3) Will Xbox One play Used Games? – Yes – but for a fee apparently. A Wired interview suggests that all new games must be installed onto the hard drive. The games can then be played without a disk. This obviously would create a situation where players would simply lend each other games and install them without purchasing the titles. In order to counter this, it looks like Microsoft will tie each disk to a user account. If a second user (Used game) – inserts the disk to install the game, then that player will be asked to pay a fee before they are allowed to install the game (own it). Microsoft has not stated how much this fee will be, or what will happen if the second hand player tries to play the game without installing.

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