Microsoft has unveiled a couple of new features this week at Comic Con. In this video, we discuss a couple of new features coming to Xbox One and the Kinect.

Quote from Dualshockers:

Apparently the camera will be able to completely map a player’s face and “sculpt” it on the models of games’ characters. This isn’t just a texture like the feature already present in quite a few games, but it will actually detect and reproduce the 3D geometry of the face and even a player’s body mass, creating a true reproduction of his looks into the game. Since the feature is based natively on the system, it’ll be available to every developer that will opt to use it.

In addition to that, thanks to the resolution ten times higher than it’s Xbox 360 predecessor, the camera can read the folds of a player’s face and distinguish between his fingers even from three meters away.

IGN also had a video that you can see here where they discuss the 3D Modeling and new Kinect / Controller features.

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