A compilation of a number of recent articles about Sony and the state of Playstation 4.  Some fascinating stats about PS4.

  • 4.2 Million Sold
  • PS4 was exceeding expectations, but they haven’t adjusted their projected total sales because PS3 drop was greater than expected
  • 90% Connected to the internet
  • Playstation Plus subscriptions up 90%
  • Over half of PS4 owners subscribe to PS Plus
  • 34 Million hours a week = Gaming | 16 Million hours a week = Media
  • 1.7 Million hours have been livestreamed
  • Gamers shared gameplay & screenshots 48 million times
  • 1 in 3 Vita owners own a Playstation
  • Moody’s just changed its rating to Junk – Fitch already had it rated as Junk
  • Sony selling off PC business and exiting and focusing on mobile instead – spinning off its TV sector. Laying off 5,000 people by the end of the fiscal year. Projects $1.1 Billion Loss

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