This morning, Sony Brazil announced that the PS4 will be 3,999 Brazilian Reals.  That translates into $1,850 US dollars.  For comparison, the Xbox One is R$ 2,200 or $1,016 US dollars. So why does the PS4 cost so much more in Brazil?  Sony explained that between 60 to 70 percent of the cost was made up from import fees and taxes.  Brazil does have notoriously high taxes on certain imports, but it still doesn’t exactly answer the question as to why the Xbox One is almost half the price of the PS4.  Not unless Microsoft didn’t have to pay the same fees may be due to production factories in Brazil.  That currently is the $1,850 question.


But what options do Brazilians have when it comes to buying the PS4?


Since both consoles are region free, buying online may be one option that will cut down the price tag.  But if you are the more adventurous type, and maybe in need of a good vacation.  Then it may be time to start planning a trip.



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