Does the Playstation 4 Block external capture devices like the Hauppauge HDPVR 2, Elgato, Avermedia Live Gamer HD etc?   The End of PS4 on Youtube?
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I’ve been receiving a lot of questions over the past few weeks on twitter and youtube with gamers asking me will they be able to use their external capture devices with the PS4. This commentary seeks to answer those questions.

Video capture on the PlayStation 3 is only possible by using the AV port or stripping HDCP from the HDMI signal (a process that isn’t legal). The PlayStation 4 doesn’t have an AV port, though. The Share button is currently only confirmed for Twitch and uStream, and it’s unclear how fully featured that is. Subscriptions, donations, branding, and other Twitch features haven’t been discussed yet, for instance.

PS4 Gameplay Capture Through External Devices Unclear

I think they didn’t expect Microsoft to enable the feature on the X1. They really wanted to push the share feature. They scored a point with having a longer recording buffer than X1, but didn’t anticipate the HDCP backlash would grow.

Sony scrambling to ensure video capture devices work on the PlayStation 4