TYT The Young Turks have come to the conclusion that Trayvon Martin is ‘Clearly’ inside Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs game.  Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian are convinced this was intentional and could be malicious in nature because a NPC is named ‘Kavon Fortin’ and is a black man wearing a hoodie.

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  • calikushisthebest ho

    Kavon Fortin doesn’t sound that much like Trayvon Martin to you? So you think they are so socially unaware that they would put a young black kid wearing a hoody in a video game and just randomly choose his name to be one vowel away from rhyming exactly with Trayvon Martin? What if they named him Kavon Fartin? Would your dumbass then realize it?

    • “According to Ubisoft representative Raha Bouda, “When a new NPC is spawned, a new name is randomly generated from a bank of more than 1,000 options — and it’s a random mix of first names and last names. Most of these names are taken from annual most popular names books as well as from building names. Any NPC with the name Kavon Fortin appears by random in the game and it is absolutely not an intentional reference to Trayvon Martin — in fact, these names were solidified in-game before the Trayvon Martin incident.”

      • calikushisthebest ho

        Wtf do you think an Ubisoft representative is gonna say?
        The name Kavon is a popular name? Fuck outta here.
        You are an idiot. Taking a quote from the supposed perpetrator and using it as evidence to back-up your opinion?

        Lemme guess… Aaron Hernandez pleads not guilty.
        Your story: Aaron Hernandez is not guilty because he said he didn’t do it.