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Piracy Helps Video Game Sales Gov Study Suggests

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Xbox One X: http://amzn.to/2fhymQU ✔ VGN: Gaming News: http://www.VideoGamesAndNews.com

Oculus Update Tries to Block Vive – But Backfires

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Oculus has started a fight it can't win. ⍟CHEAP PC Games⍟ G2A: G2A CDKeys: CDKeys My Setup: Blue Yeti Microphone: http://amzn.to/1OGgiVV GTX 970 GPU: http://amzn.to/1OGgftg Editing Software: Sony Vegas 12 h...

Hackers Warn: End of Pirated Games

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New anti-piracy technology Denuvo could be the end of pirated games claim hackers. NO MORE PIRATED GAMES IN TWO YEARS, CRACKING GROUP WARNS: TorrentFreak Far Cry: Primal & Rise of the Tomb Raider Will Be Pro...

Need for Speed 2015 – Requires Online Connection – WHY??

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Need for Speed 2015 has NO Reason to be always online. Yet an internet connection is required. WHY? VGN

Xbox Cloud Power: Unlimited CPU – Future of Games Claim

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Cloudgine allows unlimited CPU Power, and games that don't use the cloud will be in the minority: GamingBolt

Why Do Digital Games Cost More Than Physical Copies?

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Why Are Physical Games Cheaper Than Digital? Ubisoft explains why digital game prices stay so high for so long on consoles: VenturaBeat Ubisoft report Q1'15 earnings. Digital business now leading revenue stream:...

Why Are Digital Games So Expensive?

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Why are digital game prices so expensive on consoles? Would we be better off under original Xbox DRM policy? Nintendo explains why its digital games are not less expensive: Gamespot Sony explains PS4 digital ga...

PS4’s Driveclub DRM Causes Outrage – Sony Responds

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Sony responds to outrage from DRM policies in PS4's Driveclub Source: CVG

Xbox One Upgrade Boost – Removing Disc Drive Considered

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Microsoft almost removed the disc drive from the Xbox One: OXM Xbox One driver update could bring 10% performance boost to the Xbox One: Gamingbolt

Did Sony have DRM for Used Games on PS4 Originally?

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Recently, a video from Youtuber ReviewTechUSA has gone viral. In the video the commentator mentions a number of different rumors that he has recently heard from anonymous sources regarding launch troubles for both th...

Gamers Will Want Always-Online Video Games

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In this commentary, we take a look at recent statements by Ubisoft.  In an interview with Polygon, Ubisoft let it be known that the gaming industry is headed towards always-online connections for games whether gamers ...

Xbox One Petition to bring back Old Policies – Microsoft Responds

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Microsoft has responded to a change.org petition that was created to ask that old Xbox One policies that were announced during E3 would return.  In an interview with IGN, Marc Whitten said the following when asked abo...

Xbox One: Used Games Policy In-Depth Look

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In-depth look at Microsoft's Xbox One Used Game Policy - Always On Connection Xbox One Used Game Policy Here are our platform policies and capabilities for game licensing – all of which will be made available when X...

EA Kills Off Online Pass

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Venturabeat is reporting that EA is doing away with its Online Pass Program. In this video, I explain how video game companies could be hurting themselves with the Online Pass Codes. Will Activision and Ubisoft follow...